How to prevent water collecting inside your fridge by fixing your freezer drain.

The Problem: Refrigerators with defrosting coils, melt out the ice built up in the freezer by heating up and allowing the water to drip into the defrost drain. When the water arrives at the tip of the drain, it is close to freezing temperature and the drain typically freezes shut. After another defrost cycle, more ice is melted and water has nowhere to go but into the lower part of the refrigerator. Water can collect there over time. We will show you a secret on how to keep the drain unplugged forever!


Here are the tools we used:

  • Bosch 14.4V Cordless Drill
  • Hair Dryer (blow dryer)
  • Heavy duty metal scraper
  • Cooler (for temporary food storage)

From the hardware store:

  • One foot of 12 gauge single strand copper wire - this is the long term solution.

STEP 1: Slide the refrigerator away from the wall and unplug it. Remove all the food and store it in the cooler. Remove the middle rack.

STEP 2: Undo the screws in the freezer tray and remove the tray to expose the frozen wonderland underneath it.



STEP 3: Use the scraper to scrape out all the ice that built up underneath the tray. Once you are all done, it should look like the picture below:


STEP 4: It is now time to bring out the hair dryer. Use the hair dryer to melt the ice in the back of the metallic tray and inside the drain. This will significantly accelerate the process of unplugging that drain. You should hear the water pouring into the correct defrost tray once it is completely unplugged. This should take about 20-30 min of continuous hot air.


STEP 5: Strip the 12AWG (American Wire Gauge) completely until the copper is fully exposed. Cut a 7" strip of it and bend one of the tips to look like a cane (see below).




STEP 6: Hang the defrosting wire from the lowest coil and direct the rest of the copper wire into the drain. The heat of the coil will be conducted through the copper wire into the drain and maintain the drain open forever.



You are done! Install the tray, plug the refrigerator back on and enjoy the rest of your life!